Christmas concert

The peak of our charity project Guitars to Children

Barokní refektář Dominikánského kláštera sv.Iljí – Jilská 235/7, Praha 1

Tickets: adults 150 Kč, students a senoirs 100 Kč

our values

Music love

That is the key which brings us all together. Guitar is part of our lives, it is our hobby, way of relaxing and also our pride. We play for both our and also your pleasure.

Family & Friendship

We are all different, somebody is a doctor, somebody is a teacher and somebody comes from Moravia. Yet, we make a great team and one music family together.

Discovering & Traveling

Every year we try to boost our repertoire with something new. That is why we participate in international festivals, not only to explore new destinations but also to get new inspiration.


We are Prague Guitar Chamber Orchestra – 20 guitar enthusiasts  lead by our conductor Vladimír Novotný who established our  assosiation at the turn of the millenium.  Our repertoire consists of mainly film music, arrangments of pop and swinfg music and also classical music. In the orchestra, apart from the classical guitars we also play soprano and bass guitars, mandolines and you can also hear us playing  percussions or singing. We have recorded two successful CDs, shot one proffesional music clip, every year we participate in internationall guitar festivals abroad and our furthest destination was Hong Kong and Singapore in 2016.  



Vladimír Novotný

Conductor and a leader of the orchestra
The biggest boss who is excelent in choosing fast songs to our repertoire
Personal sign: 120 pace

Alena Řezníčková

Soprano guitar
Guitar teacher & the orchestra mum
Personal sign: good mood

Adéla Bačová

Soprano guitar
Student of aviation & the calmest member
Personal sign: no stress

Simona Mlezivová

Soprano guitar
Almost doctor & the main creative soul of PKKO workroom
Poznávací znamení: PKKO first aid-kit

Martin Lédl

First guitar
Young multitalent & the best orchestra dancer
Personal sign: Rubic cube

Michal Sedláček

First guitar
PKKO comedian, former breaker of girls' hearts
Personal sign: yellow stand

Michal Moravec

First guitar
Professional civil engineer, breaker of girls' hears
Personal sign: something like orchestral singer and dancer

Martin Kusák

Second guitar
Lawyer, diligent hard worker
Personal sign: tuned guitar

Jolana Heřmanová

Second guitar
Student of transport faculty, fan of everything which goes
Personal sign: Audi

Jan Kovář

Second guitar
Builder & musician by profession and heart
Personal sign: bear

Michaela Stupková

Second guitar
Bassist & pilgrim with passion for physiotheraphy
Personal sign: hop from Žatec

Mikuláš Klenor

Second/Third guitar
Newbie in orchestra & conservatory student
Personal sign: missing stand

Zuzana Kropáčová

Third guitar
Organizer & creative soul of PKKO,
Personal sign: Moravian accent

Zuzana Jirešová

Third guitar
Rock guitarist, student of conservatory & musician of all kinds
Personal sign: black colour

Magdalena Bořilová

Third guiatr
The most responsible & sober member
Personal sign: pear juice

Karolína Adámková

Fourth guitar
Articled clerk & fighter for women's rights in orchestra and the world
Personal sign: red beret

Tomáš Mrštný

Fourth guitar
Musician with love to children & Master of tuning
Personal sign: pink car Růžena

Ondřej Marek

Fourth guitar
Technology enthusiast & future student of CTU
Personal sign: able to tie a tie

Barbora Pavlů

Bass guitar
Vet & Boy Scout with smile
Personal sign: guitar full of fur

Kateřina Tomanová

Bass guitar
Nuclear chemist & talented dancer
Personal sign: smile

Tomáš Bořil

Bass guitar
Fonetic professional & meticulous wizard
Personal sign: when you don't know, play #F

Ryan Chan

Guitar, which is needed
Slovakian Erasmus student from Hong Kong & composer
Personal sign: Tatratea


PKKO CD Vol. 2

Our second CD recorded in 2012 comprises of our most favourite oldren and also newer arrangements including our top hit "The Boy Does Nothint.

Earings from guitar strings

Thanks to our manually skillful member, we can offer earings for women made by hand from guitar strings. (Do not worry, the strings are not used and green)

PKKO T-shirt

Our PKKO T-shirt in grey or black color is a great gift for music enthusiasts. Btw: Skvělý dárek pro hudební nadšence je naše PKKO tričko v šedé nebo černé variantě. Note: do you recognize our members on the white print of the black T-shirt?

Pieces in repertoire
Visited international festivals
FB fans
Average age




We like music and we like even more when we can pass it on to other people. We came up with a charity project Guitars to Children within which we will help children in difficult social environment play the guitar. We decided to support organization People in Need and  thanks to a crowdfunding compaign we gained financial resources to buy 18 guitars to  children centers where children can meaningfully spend their free time and break out of their social isolation.  Thanks to rewards from our sponsors and our PKKO worksoom, we managed to gain more then 94 thousand CZK.  


The aim of the project Band in the school is to revive music classes at elementary and secondary schools. Instead of classical music classes, children can become a realy rock starts and experience  the feeling of being part of a music band. They get musical instruments including electric guitars, bass guitars, cajons, microphones together with instructors, some of which are also members from our orchestra.  In one month of practicing the children are able to play a song together even if they have never played any musical instrument before. The classes are ended with a concert of all rock bands and with a common joy from the music and team success. 

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